Suspect yourself

The immense pressure human beings have, in the modern world we live in, is to be rational, to make rational choices, or mostly rationalize the thoughts and actions we do. Woman’s day is just another day for sure, but it is a day which marks and celebrates the immense contribution of the fighters, men and women, who fought for equal rights for women and what not. The long journey of women empowerment, the transition to a world where women have equal opportunities, voting rights, to be treated equal as a man, was a long long one. 
Feminism is not just for women it is for men too. Half of the population cannot be free in this world if the other half did not want it to be that way. It is not case by case equality, it is about women having a choice like men to choose their life and destiny and to not be expected to always give and give to their husbands, brothers, kids etc. The choice is important and to let women have choices is the goal. 
Men and Women, —Suspect your own motives, and all excuses, reflect and think about the opressed and change yourself first and then the little corner around you. 

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