Every day should be man and woman’s days

Without the fear of hell and torture
Without the incentive of a paradise
awaiting after your death
People should be able to respect each other
Consider each other, nurture each other
It is NOT ok to take and take forever from people
Especially women in our current society
Almost half of our population which are women
should also have a decent life without bias and prejudices
Woman’s day is to remember and celebrate
the birth of feminism
the women who fought for suffrage
for widow rights and right to education
for the right to remarry
for the right to equal pay
for the right to wear what they want
for the right to go out in the dark
for the right to not be raped inside or outside marriages
for the right to not be sold like properties
for the right to divorce
for the right to abort a fetus
for the right to have sex as an adult
for the right to have a job
for the right to hold managerial positions
Pledge to break yourself
out of misogyny
out of patriarchy
out of megalomania
It is hard to break out of the pattern we are used to
But we need to break out, we need to, we absolutely need to
And treat people as human beings
A world which is equal
till then feminism is the -ism that has to prevail
in this modern world

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