She was soaring high over the highest of the mountains
Altar of Himalayas where you wanted to surrender your life
Stood high and majestic mocking the rendezvous that is flimsy
Defied the horizon where the trees of betrayal bloomed
the sea of emotions flew below gushing like sour lemonade
A lovers thirst can be quenched only at the horizon
where they met as teenage lovers, the earth and the sky
The city lit up the torches crimson red like a bride adorned
The flock of birds far below perched cozily in their love nest
The storm was dying pushing the melancholy sky into tranquility
But the longing grew wilder and wilder engulfing the  flight
Her horizon seems far but not that far, to be high in weed of passion
she awaits high up in the sky, flying away high high high

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