“My Inamorata, my Valentine,
let me cut my ear out
and write with it
as the blood oozes out
deep red like the flag we adored
warm like your saliva when you kissed
pure like the milk from your breasts
for me and my children as I dreamt
let me etch this day for you
words will remain beyond time”
“I do not remember
loving myself ever
and when I stopped loving you
and started loving us as one
your love overtook mine
and it became dew drops
melted into one this grey morning
It was nothing and everything
was all the pain we endured
the hills we climbed
the snow we melted
the drives we went on
the waves we defied
the rivers we swam in
the tree house where we kissed
the drums we played
the dope we smoked
the drinks we gulped
the rain we drenched in
Your never ending will for me
made me start loving myself
to be worthy of you
to be in your dreams
to be in your heart
like a sparrow with the broken wing
to surrender in your captivity
My Inamorata, my Valentine
I am yours forever,…”

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