In you

I am on that swing in the wilderness
it has that rhythm of our love making
rocking me and our unborn children
as though its a soothing subtle lullaby
the woods were damp my face too
with the tears that wet my eyes
dripping like a tap but happy
my childhood stares right back at me
the longing for you started here
centuries ago when we were just born
I waited on that swing and am on it now
After you found me I have been on it
reminiscing about life
before you and with you
I fall asleep on that swing
every dream is about you
And only you
I see in you 
the poetry I ever wanted to write
the stories I want to read to our little ones
the jealousy when you type away on your phone
for those moments which others claim of you
the road to delectation, your feet sprinting home
which found me always wherever I went
the magic woven by graceful fingers
whose touch hooked me like a pirate
of your ship that sailed to wander incognito
My acquiescence
In you 
Is this life

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