I remember getting very emotional and blogging when I could not attend my Kamalus wedding years ago. She was a big part of my youth, growing up and she was like my sister Vava, part of me like a twin. I feel the same now, my dear Ruchi is getting married, someone I could speak about anything under the sun and not be judged. Like a little sister, someone who was there for me in my most difficult of times without having to say much, but just be there, without prying, without judging. The fiery fighter woman, with chubby cheeks, the cute little hottie I met in Bangalore, who greeted me with the warmest of the smiles on my first day at work there. Vivid memories!!
I wish I could attend the wedding in India, but alas am stuck again as always with trivialities of mundane life and the roles we play. I want to freeze this moment and feeling in my blog so that I can remember how I felt when you were going to be a bride. I have my new dress and will wear the jewellery you gave me on the wedding day. Celebration time!!
Here is a toast to my lovely lady, a shot of tequila (hic) and maybe more, for starting a new life, you have been wise and picked yourself, evolved into a beautiful young matured lady and am proud of you as a person. I will dance for sure on your wedding day to all your favourite tracks that you made me dance in all those house parties, clubs, and beaches of Goa and on the streets. Memories J!!

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2 thoughts on “Ruchi

  1. U came to the wedding…My special day….Tat means a lot to me Vinny…The Best gift tat I got for my wedding…Love you always and always ***hugs***


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