We had a laugh when someone shared this pic today 🙂 Life and people eh?!
There is this support group, well we all need one, where we talk about heart breaks, crush, love, work issues, art, make music and dance, cooking recipes, political discussions theater , discuss poetry and books and what not. And it all boils down to being a community as humans should be. Support each other, and be there for each other for the right reasons. I suggest you form that core group in your lives, it helps you to always pick yourself up, without being judged even if you fucked a horse.:-) ( Borrowed usage, anonymous). Try to meet up or at least pick up the call and see how magically you unwind with them.  It can be your family members or friends, but it is important to have that routine. I was not good with keeping in touch, but now I make it a point to ring people and meet people whenever I can and also have made it as a plan in my life. To value people more is my new motto.

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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