All he could see through the lens
Was her eyes and her lips
She was his dream script,
the stories he wrote
The painting he imagined
the sculpture he carved
She was his dream actress
He zoomed at her in lust
Through the lens in hope
Again and again, till he froze her
Into a poster, he the hero of the crew
Her eyes playfully lured him
Looking straight back at him
Agonising him into wilderness
He chased her with his eyes,his fingers
He loved her long fingers,
chubby legs,  the pruned feet
Which bloomed like a rose
At his touch, like her breasts
Her arms and her butterfly tattoo
All he could see through the lens
Was his life right in front of him
He wanted all of it
He claimed all of it
By the beach, day and night
The play of love they acted
Rain smothered her passionate cries
He was an art maker and she an artist
This was her script
The one she wrote
The one she felt
The one she heard
The one he gave her
At the alter of their love
The motion picture
The theatrical life
Beyond time
Beyond space

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