The cruise rocked me, the waves were enchanting  
I held my book tight, shivering in the cold story 
 Stuck on that confusing same page for days 
 As though I was hoping for a different outcome  
I read, wept, paused, mourned, slept with eyes open 
 there were mirrors all around me and on the ceilings 
 The reflections declared poetry in a subtle manner  
I am aware and alive, indeed I am, with all my pain 
 I could see me in all those mirrors, the ruminations of love
 that was captivating me stared back at me 
 I opened the door with a book in my hand 
 the book mark poking out,  like my lost heart 
 the deck was peaceful but lonely in the deep sea 
 the mighty waves splashed water in vigor 
 my book wet, my book mark drenched, my eyes wet 
 the salvage tug cruised to me, the flag flying proud 
 transgress the waves, cried the captain with a laugh 
 sea knows his limits, he wont cross the boundaries 
 I am the captain, give me your hand, he laughed again 
 With a meek smile, I contemplated to step on the boat 
 to anchor, to drown in my book, to dry my bookmark 
 Instead I jumped into the sea, surrendered myself 
 and swam up to the horizon, with a shivering smile.

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