Shooting star

Up the hill, the green pastures were dark
glinted by the moon light and the stars
the diamond studded meadow beamed
I walked with you holding hands in love
like childhood friends, lovers and what not
and lay there to watch the mighty milky way
the expanding universe enchanting the world
A shooting star appeared and winked
and I wished to love, to hope and to dream
I always knew the woods were his thing
the wild tiger he was, me a paranoid deer cub
He closed his eyes absorbing the wilderness
suddenly he grabbed me and kissed fervently 
And whispered in the most sweetest of voices
`let me teach you to to hope, to feel,
to make love, my sweetest deer cub`
and I lay there, thankful
to the shooting star
for granting the wish
for the madness called love

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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