Nose ring

Her nose ring whispers
a lullaby, a song
to her every night
when she pressed her
round and teased nose
on to the pillow
wet with her tears
“don’t crush me thee
  i will never leave thy side
  like a shadow
  like a reflection
  listen to the wind chimes
  from far far away
  that sync with your wind chimes
  at the window pane
  sleep thee to the music
  to the lullaby
  sleep thee
  and dream thee”
She dreamt of those days
when she looked into the mirror
and saw the nose ring
smiling at her
memories of him
biting the nose ring
teasing her with his fingers
with his lips with his teeth
the nose ring would
smile back
like she always did
when in bliss
in escatsy
every time she laughed
he made love to her
and bit the nose ring
as though it was his
just like her heart
which he held
in his hand
She thanked the nose ring
for staying with her
for not letting her go
To be together
with the bruises
he made with his bites
the shattered self
remains for ever till the end of time.

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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