Eyes that gave away

At the terrace of the pub
Like two lovers
Me shy behind my cocktail
Him with his beer and high
Was not sure whether
It was the wind
Blowing away in vigor
Or the tempest
Of yesteryear stories
Of pain and abandonment
The pain was real
The stories were truthful
Heart was weak but pure
He tried in vain
to place his heart
On my hand
I tried in vain
To hold my heart
And he whispered
In the sweetest
Of symphony of words
“Your eyes are giving you away
I can see your heart in it
And every blink of your eyelids
Sounds like heart beat
Throbbing for me I can hear
And your blood is my wine
Come out from your hide out”
I lowered my eye lashes
I was shy
or was hiding from him
I could not tell
Till today

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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