Wind chimes

The seven seas carried
the music of our wind chimes 
in a pirate ship
the sailor of love
carried a treasure box
which had your letter
written in blood
words blurred by tears
your tears which the world
mock and laugh at
with contempt for 
lorn depth of love
At the shore I stand weeping
face wet with the tears flowing
and feet wet with the waves gushing
to see every pattern of
hope I sketched on the sand
to be washed away 
with the majestic waves
of betrayal and mockery
by the world around her
the shells of memories 
I tried to picked up 
from the seashore
keeled over to nothingness
The music from the wind chimes
I can hear from far far away
a lullaby for my broken heart
I sleep reminiscing the trance
of bygone years and moments
to be awake to a tomorrow
without you
without the wind chimes
without tears
to be free, to be loved
And the sailor of love
with the treasure box
whispered with sea breeze
life will sort itself out
With shivering hands
she opened the letter
Perhaps the last lines
of a sinking ship of love
 I fought with my own shadow
And killed myself in the process 

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