Migratory bird

The cherry blossom 
by the thatched hut
Stared  at its reflection
In the majestic river 
To watch the little
Migratory bird
Perched on his branch
Ready for its flight
To the shores of west Africa
Watched by stars
It’s flight was mighty
And there it was
Jetting away to its goal 
She missed the cherry blossom
Wondered whether 
he would be there
Or whether the winter 
would get him this season
Time to fly back home
And like an excited bride
Walking the isle to her beloved
She flew back to perch
On the cherry blossom 
Which was her home
Her love, her everything
And there he stood
By the river
Strong but destroyed 
By the harsh winter
Of the times 
She wept perching on him
And the cherry blossom 
whispered to the migratory bird
Stay with me
let me perish after summer 
Because you are 
And indispensable 

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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