The earth and the sky

Do you like the sky or the earth, he asked?
I like the sky, she said.
Would you like to be a bird, he asked again?
Yes I do and I’ll fly up in the sky, free, she laughed.
I want to be born again and again as a man,
 so that I can love you for eternity,
And hence I like the earth, 
so that I can follow you anywhere you go, he said
Can’t you fly, earth is boring, sky is free, she asked?
I am a man with broken wings, so no, he said
But you could be lost in the wilderness of the earth, she teased
This earth is round and I will find you and we will meet again, he said
Maybe some other time, in some other world, in some other life
A path, a long walk, him and her, the earth and the sky.

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