White butterfly

Every time we meet, after years, decades, god knows when and where and how,
But whenever we do, you tell me, everything will be alright, that my tears will dry,
that I will be stable and secure and above all that I’ll be happy as a butterfly.
A white butterfly

I know you wish that for me…

All those times, I knew already that we will meet and you will tell me all this,
coz I see that white butterfly which I think is a sign of your coming visit
and also because I am the same with respect to you coz of the deep connection
and also because you are the same for me as always coz of the unconditional love
you always showered upon me…

I know we will meet again…

Like that day in the pub where we sat and reminisced
Stories about our lost days and the vibrant youth and rebellion
And it always feels like a time slice in a time loop..
Where there is a white butterfly, you, me
and our sorrows and echoes of our laughter…

I know you will always be there…

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