Wrongs about a right feeling!

Not long ago I stood at the edge of a pebbled beach
Terribly cold and frozen, ironically, mind burning and my heart melting
I asked myself, was that hill far away right for me or this cold ocean
I have always loved the ocean and lived by the ocean
Grown up in a coastal town, the language of the sea almost my religion

All the the rights and wrongs shattered me then, broke me, left me dead
Because in the middle of all those right things
I felt wrong, wronged and above all not the me I knew
I was alien to everything that was dear to me
The me itself…was not me, nothing I was before…

I stand there again as though I have travelled back defying physics
And it feels neither wrong nor right but a lost life’s unknown note
Which tells me yet again that this feeling is not always right
The feeling of love…

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