Musing that it never
mattered to any
it never did
and it never will
i am on shifts
never static
nor dynamic
but in between
a temporary being
walking talking
dancing singing
as though life
needs to be busy
shifting on shifts
with offsets and nominals
to show that I am alive
that am living

Wondering whether i prefer
being static or dynamic
but not in weary shifts
where I forget who
I am, what I want,
or even what I stand for
or even be a person
As time passes
I realize am not just one me
I am many mes,
those mes are on shifts and rotas
and the meagre allowance
seems to be my life…

what I call life
what seems to be
life, a vague
dot in the universe
and the only thing
that is real
is our universe
something to believe in
something to fight for
and there I am
and the other mes
a mere dot in the universe
revolving around nothing
empty shallow life
with no inner peace
wearing myself off
on shifts…

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