Lifeless life

Once upon a time I was there
a dot in the universe
wanting to be a galaxy
in his heart and body
a life unworthy but living
to climb like a vine onto him
to creep like a newt over him
to be everything that life was
I wanted you to be that
and me that for you
Wanted to plant that seed
nurture it and grow it
till it took over me

Why this sudden surge of emptiness,
when life looks at me in bemusement
as if am being unfair to it
after all that it had given me
after all that it had taught me
after keeping me alive
so that I can feel life
which was unfair
as I did not ask for it

You are not my mother
nor my father
nor my grandmother
to teach me anything
I am done with your lessons
and patronizing stories
and all your tests
as though I was a child
paranoid giving tests

You are life, you should be so
life which is worth living
and not a lifeless life

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