Letters without envelopes!

These are the gifts I would like to treasure…words that make me feel happy!

“All your blogs are really good…
I always think I will mail u about those you wrote…
Then it will be like a blank line..
With lot of emotions enclosed in a deep and dark silence.

Pinne vendannu vekkum… (In English: Then I decide not to)

You keep on writing,
Even if i am not commenting or replying,
You keep on posting,

I used to read each ten times,
Sometimes to solve the riddle called life,
Sometimes to search myself
Or sometimes to hold myself
And sometimes in search of u…

You keep on writing.
I am glad that u r writing.
I am glad to watch the silent blossom.

You keep on writing.

I am in search of my lost words….
– from me
A surprise letter which surprised me long time ago,
A warm memory of that suprise..

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