Sound of lullaby!

Memories of mine and Vava’s childhood ring several bells in my heart whenever amma sings to chulbul. Amma used to sing to us till we were maybe eight years of age. Now she is a proud active paranoid grandma and the little one sits patiently in amma’s arms listening to her tunes which rocks her little baby mind to sleep. It is heart warming to see how she melts in this lullaby slowly.
Since she is only 3 months old(tiny indeed – My grandma – comrade Janu – has seen 340 times more life than little chulbul) she is slowly learning to localize the source of the sound she hears and it is funny to see how she does it slowly in this video.

Oh yes and babies are lovely. They just are…

Here is the link where amma is singing an old Malayalam lullaby to chulbul bhegam 🙂 Camera – Ammnu(Navya Sudhakaran)  –

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