Thamaras – Our little divine lotuses!

Chulbul is a handfull, but I think she is going to be a soft, clueless, self sufficient little thing like Vava Koova. Vava was a little muppet when she was small and hence my endless bullying tactics on her, I remember. And then there was Ichoos, our little Ishaana who is an active rolling rock star. She was insatiable in her roll over antics today and not to forget her enthusiasm when she saw her very own little doll Chulbul to play and be amused with. Ah lovely new borns and infants, indeed!. I miss those good old times with our little Kukkdu and I clearly remember those days when she some how started addressing me as “Manni” [ thankfully not Panni ] .

A little head turner she always was and has turned into. I am waiting for all these three to meet and play together in the mud like we all did when we were little. Anyway, here is an average attempt of a song for the little ones of our family. I sing this to Chulbul and maybe because of Manni Amma’s persistent song bullying, she goes to sleep. Ichoose today seemed to have been amused or fed up too by this song today.  I am going to take it as a Gunda lullaby victory for now till proven otherwise. \m./ The little ones cannot talk as of now. Hooah!

My Lotus

Precious seeds into blooming flowers
Little droplets of eternal happiness
My heart is full with bliss and joy
The little smiles, the tearful gestures

In the middle of all this…
When I close my eyes,
I see your thousand smiles
Now I feel you closer,
You are here, always.

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