Poem recital and recording – Bliss

I attempted to record myself reciting Balachandran Chullikad’s, Pirakkathe poyamakan, poem. It was done on an iPad and hence there is lot of back ground noise and above all, I do not think I can sing decently. And I have not done much proper singing for ages I presume. It is indeed a long lost hobby at our home. Amma always recorded old malayalam songs in the past and I remember those days as a warm highlight especially because me and Vava(my sis) shared the same interest and enthusiasm amma had. We loved recording music at our home and Amma used to be lost in old malayalam songs which she sang passionately and with great pride and love for music. Music plays a big part in our lives I presume. I wonder who first made music and why they did?. But it is indeed magical and I cannot imagine a world without music anymore. Since, I am not a good singer, there are lot of mistakes, and also, I have not recited the last bit of the poem as I could not make myself sync with the tune for those lines. I shall attempt again some other time.  I am loving it anyway and enjoyed recording it a lot. Here is the poem as a video 🙂 .Sincere apologies for mistakes and also for the incomplete recital.

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