Not a dream!

I was dreaming
I smiled at him
Slowly woke up
And I wept
Missed my dream
More than him
And I smiled again
That I cried
That I had a dream

It was like a circle
A smile, a cry, a dream
In between somewhere
I was awake
They said it was life
That I was alive
That I was living

I ‘ll come and grab you away
From death, he said once
Perception told me
I was not awake
I was not sleeping
I was not living

Where am I?

Green lady said I was a fool
Neurons were dancing
That my heart was shaking
That I made him cry

I wondered deeply
I pinched  myself
I was weak
I was floating
I was leaving
I was dying

But he did…
He grabbed me away.
I realized
That I was alive
That it was not a dream.

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