From Jooo, with love!

The beautiful snippet below was written by our Joo ( junechi) in response to a picture which I uploaded today onto my facebook album. It is an old picture which was taken by her many years ago! Lot of things happened over the years, life evolved, we left for new nests, cherishing our love for each other, the agonies we devoured, but I presume memories never die and she touched a deepest sleeping chord in me today with these words! I can’t explain what I feel! Worth sharing and hence sharing it…I wish I could tell you all about our childhood and the days we all spent together in our ozhacrome! Alas words are never enough sometime…

4 thoughts on “From Jooo, with love!

  1. Dont know what to write. No words can express what I feel. When I read it, felt like something was stuck in my eyes are wet…bow you, Juna..respect!!! You are a great writer!


  2. Deep and touching… I've always had a soft corner for the monsoons 🙂
    n this post just made me miss the rains all over again….


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