Parallel in time!

Like a worker bee drawn to honey, toiling for his beloved queen
The captivating face of the overwhelming force of ardent love
Smiled at me mercilessly, taunting me at my painful plight
Let me defy relativity and travel parallel in time with you!

Me and you, slipped into another frame of reference, a fantasy…

We stood by the river still and dead for those moments only for us
Bird with the broken wing evoked visions of my other reality in chains
The tranquility of the ancient temple suddenly started chanting for us
The sea was angry as if it was envious of the red dust and our union

The mist crept slowly, penning poetry at the break of dawn
I floated away as the train slowly moved into lost eternity
You followed me and found me, from my safe and cozy hiding
Life became a dangerous game; I was playing with burning fire.

Built a house with hay, bunnies, chickens came out of their hiding
Locked up inside as it rained unceasing for days and maybe weeks
The poems you read, humbled me, took color away from my tears
Your words broke the deepest chord of my violin, left it string less.

Real me and my reality traces me back to my time, my destiny…

I paused and looked around for a glimpse of us at the crossroads
In another reality, the me and you, strolled towards me, deeply in love
Reached out to touch us, but in vain, I stood there watching peacefully
I felt content that I met us, in another reality, a fantasy, parallel in time

Where love or something like love prevailed…

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