I can hear you my lady, I am in you, alive and full
Spreading haematic spring into your warm veins
Your breath at times syncs with my pumping rhythm
And I made divine music in the air when you made love.
He kept knocking at my door frantically looking for you
Chamber you kept locked with an eternal lock with a key
He professed love for you in my ears, I succumbed blissfully,
Safe in my ventricular chamber, sleeping peacefully to my lullaby.
When you crave for his love, in your solitude and dreams
I shall leave the curtains open at times, you can have a peak
Maybe days, months, years and centuries would pass by
The changing seasons would make the moods, swing and sway.
My music shall stop one fine day my mistress, my lovely lady
I shall cease to be your keeper of secret rendezvous in your dreams
Life would slip away, shall end up nothing but dead rotten tissue
He will be crushed as my chambers would crumble into mere ashes
It would be our last spring, our last song and our last concert together
We shall weep together, as we always did, our very last togetherness
Maybe at that very moment in time, divine, when I vanish into nothingness
He shall break free and vanquish you, to be one, by body and soul.

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