Atheist’s prayer!

It was time…

She was the true apple of his eyes
His precious gem, his new revolution
Her baby steps made him teary eyed
Her toothless smiles opened new doors.

It was with time…

Caught in the trivialities of life
Radical about true parenting
He closed his eyes and lost her
She was a stranger, an outsider

It was with endless time…

He became an insomniac
Awake with chest pains
Helpless in his painful plight
To save the apple of his eyes

It was with endless painful time…

Ready to be buried alive
He was a staunch atheist
Once relished the red book
Would give away his revolution

It was with endless painful last time…

And an atheist would end up praying
“If there is someone called God,
Please save my baby from evil”

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