A pair!

I was weeping.

I looked in the mirror and a pair of teary lost eyes stared at me

Seconds later the eyes turned cold, a stranger glared back at me
I was scared.

I ran outside and slipped into a pair of my new walking slippers

Walked endlessly, hoping for the rain to wash way my cold madness
I was tired.

I rested on my favorite bench, whose pair of legs looked almost broken

My heart payed homage for the dead couple, who sat there Sunday afternoons
I was lost.

I watched the sky’s laughter, tickled by a pair of birds with their endless flights

Laid on the grass staring at the clouds, who mocked me for my love for the sky
I was dreaming.

I dreamt of a wrinkled us reading with a pair of glasses, sat by the sea shore

Prayed that I died first as selfish me cannot endure your loss and warmth then
I am awake.

I mused that everything is meant to be a pair, you and me, to love and cherish

How long before we grow old so that our wrinkled hands can hold each other
As a pair…

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