A rainy night in October…

Woke up with the roaring sound of thunder
Darkness whispered, it is not morning yet.

Dark sky, a lioness in rage, thirsty and angry
I craved for the sun, my lover and my friend

My pillow wet with my tears or maybe the rain
It buried my cries, so did the loud heavy thunder

If you were here I prayed, you would bring me mornings
And ‘vellilas’ and moths and little frogs to amuse me

We’ll float in the pool of water outside
Free like lava, lost like paper boats

Like a red carpet moment, the lightning flashed in a jiffy
Was it you that I saw drenched, but glowing, at my gate?

Am I dreaming but not sleeping or the other way around?
Reality fails me now, so does life from time to time

But I know this rain and thunder and lightning are real
So are my tears and cries and twinkling eyes for you

And I also know that October is here,
So is the night, the rain, but not you…

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