Another morning is here…
The little birdie chirped on my window as always
Talking to me as though she had a story to tell
Wondered whether she was awake whole night like me,
Or maybe she wanted to tell me about her day ahead?
Her morning freshness amused me
Fresh like a new born baby’s smile
As though she was born again this very morning
Alive and happy.

I looked for you beside me…
You said you didn’t want anything, but wake up every morning with me
You said you wanted to lie down like two twigs which fell together from the tree
I loved to want what you wanted, then it became what I wanted the most in life
Some day it would be my sole reason to open my eyes in the mornings with you
To see the first ray of sunshine which painted glee all over my enchanting village?
To gaze at the golden patches on the trees in our garden and beyond
Together in each other’s arms.

Waking up to a day of hopes and dreams…
Walking by the lanes into the day waiting like a lost lover
Sadness engulfs as though am repeatedly wounded by time
How I wish to keep that morning freshness and bright new dreams,
To capture it, freeze the moments and myself and my eternal love for you!
Centuries fly away by the time the sun sets in my village and night invades
And I feel lost and empty as the carcinogenic darkness spreads with might
Fear of another night ahead paralyses me as though it was the prince of death
Emptiness knitted darkness.

Every morning I plead to the sun to shine and stay bright at the east for me,
So that it is bright fresh mornings always
So that I can play with the little birdie again
So that it is always a new beginning…

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