Solitude crept in with life washing me away to the shore
I stood there in the rain wet and inquisitive for my turn
Waited for her little hands,her little nose and little cheeks;
To feel her heart and listen to the woes and sorrows of her mind
And she came in with a little pot of flowers of love
In the midst of loneliness she was the only one for me
I looked around and felt all of you and only you around
Tatooed in me forever till eternity, till I die, till I breathe
She drank my tears and relished my gut
Her heart danced in tune with my craving heart beats
She swam like a mermaid in the lake of  immense love
And caressed the lost womb with her tiny fingers and toes
She was here, she was pure, she was floating, she was everywhere
She was me, she was you, she was us, she was the love in me
I felt numb, I felt broken, I felt lost, I felt incomplete
I was her freind, her lover, a stranger and a mother
Did my bitteness suffocate and choke your life away? I wondered!
Or did you drown in my pool of tears which was colorless not blue? I wept!
Come back and lie next to me in my dreams my little malagha
For I am alone in my dreams and waiting for you my baby girl

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