Cities visited merged into one universe, moments passed buried into a deep abyss
My mind is a pool of memories and my heart a reservoir of emotions
I was there like a shadow and my footsteps you never tried to hear
We took the same road and breathed the same air in the same world for years

I whispered to the wind but you closed you ears and chose to hear someone else
Foot prints I left on the beach was washed away by the tears of your burning love
Life got into our ways blocking every meeting, which was never meant to be
I was always there in the wind, in the rain and in your tears which you never saw.

Reaching out to me makes me ponder on your heart and mind
Though am unwanted and alone in the chambers of my own mind
Let us never meet so that we treasure the mystery of the search of eternal love
Let us make sure we take different paths at the cross roads to never meet maybe…

Published by Sapience

A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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