Toy train

They dispersed into nothing and lingered as though they were shadows
With a heavy heart I realized am alone in the middle of hundreds
Maybe I should enjoy the randomness and unfamiliarity
Though I yearned to melt in the meadow near by
Daylight overwhelmed me and laughed at me for being me and not being me
And I resigned with a book on a swing passing seconds, minutes and hours.

Dusted those dark rooms one after the other, they creaked like an old woman,
The one with a leaking roof where tears dropped relentlessly.
The walls had stories to convey of loneliness wet and cold,
I heard melodies sweeping through the cracks of the windows.

As if they were being sung for me silently
As if there was someone whispering in my ears
Knowing me they wept with me inconspicuously
Compelling me to melt and forcing me to turn back

I asked myself! Why am I here? Where is the old man with the Red book?
I wept softly! Oh am alone! I can’t smell the sea!

Windows were left shut for I despised the air which gushed in
His fragrance engulfed me inflicting immense pain
Remembered in the dark his laughter and fuming temper while awake
Though helpless and impatient his caressing haunted me while asleep.

Faint whistles synchronized with my heavy breathing
A thumping sound followed the rhythm of my heavy heart
Sweaty and pale I woke up and collapsed
In the streaks of moon light I looked for a sign
The toy train smiled at me in a glittering glass box
And I pacified myself hoping for the train to come alive.

Do not come with me as I find my way to nothingness
It would be fruitful and not emptyness if you are beside me
A train would pass by and I will be on it in haste
And I shall reach a station where there would be an end to all of it…

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