I hear footsteps…

It feels like its been a lifetime that I have been away.
Born and nurtured again in the valley of life and death living and hiding from the realities of my existence.
I do not remember when and how I was caught up in the mere trivialities of life.
Life was nothing I imagined when I was alive or dead nor was it something I can recollect much now when am floating.
I am not alive nor am I dead
It feels all vague and unnatural to me now, this whole idea of being alive and aware of myself and I do not even know that I am in a real world anymore.
Maybe I am floating in a vast space unknown to time in some abstract phenomenon of our universe yet to be found which is almost a reality but not one to me right now.
Am I the only one here or are there others too I wonder!.
Are the faint foot steps I hear real or is it just a dream again.
Needless to say, it feels good to be back as a different me in a different world in a different dream
A whole new dot indeed floating endlessly in this space.

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