Burn out or fade away?

“”It is better to burn out than fade away””. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana This is an excerpt from Kurt Cobain’s journal which he wrote before his death.

Some people call it his suicide note. Nobody knows what the truth is so I would call it a note. I remember it gave me goose bumps when i first read it. He burned out at the peak of his career leaving an irreversible deep imprint which would last forever in millions of people who worshipped him. It was neither a graceful exit nor a normal one. It was a loud and deep and above all a raw exit. Nirvana especially because of Kobain was a pervasive phenomenon inside people’s hearts. It was the voice of the emptiness and a cry to be worthy. Thought provoking and depressing and real and rock and roll at the same time I reckon. It proclaims the brutal reality of our lives on earth that nothing lasts forever in an unsoundly manner. He is no living or dead example to anyone but still millions of people worship the phenomena. Nothing can change that too. Sometimes we get addicted to abrasive concepts a vital part of our evolutional saga of an individual i would have thought. Or sometimes we can choose to cease to think or ponder the changes around you and just live and go with the flow and be safe. But yes nothing lasts the way we want it to be. Whether it is a Rose in your garden or a child’s profound innocence or your true love or your near ones or your sensitive sense of being or anything.

You try to remain untouched by life and try hard to keep the sanity of your soul but slowly and gradually you become aberrant and more and more insensitive. It is not a debase of virtue but a natural course. A simple example is the way you feel for something as time passes by. You cried when you saw a movie in your teens and you cry less today in your youth when you see it now. It is natural and progressive but real. So is it really worth burning out than fade away into something which you will eventually fail to recognize in time. There is no solid defined answer to this! Or is it just cowardice to burn out. A mere escapism. Every one of us fears changes and the dynamism of our life’s journey. We fear a change to our normal routine and try to sit in our comfort zone. You can’t help but not to wonder why things can’t be the same and sweet and remain untouched always. Burn out is not just taking your lives but also giving up your lives for something. The rebels the martyrs and much more.. Either you are a coward to burn out…Or you are a coward to fade away… Which is graceful and brave and the right path?? One simple sentence with a truck loads of meaning…

Happy Birthday Kobain.!!!

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