Kamalu is getting tamed

At last Kamalu is getting tamed….This is about Kamalu one of the two best friends I ever had whom i feel am connected by an invisible string forever. She is getting married tomorrow or well in our comical sense the cow is getting tied to a coconut (cow being her and coconut being the idea of marriage. It reminds me of the joke marry the cow and rotate it Ha Ha) . They knew me inside out and we three were like a family and felt we knew each other for many many “janmangal”. I really mean it when i say soul mates are bonded forever. Its eternal and it is one of the most amazing and divine things which you experience in your life and needless to say you need to feel it at least once in your life time.

When I left home for the first time for my graduate studies I was a totally confused person……I had this huge crush and adoration for a guy that time and i remember all my friends then telling me not to go for the professional degree as we all felt I would never be able to woo that person if I went away from home. Those were our childish notions and assumptions but i did lose a lot of sleep over that thought for many many months and felt my world was crumbling and i am being torn apart. Well some things are felt deeply when you are young and innocent and every little thing is given a lot of divinity by your fresh and sensitive mind and it always felt as though it was a life and death matter . But anyways i left for graduation and hence I met our good ole Kamalu blooming with her wits and charm and enthusiasm.

I still remember the first day I met Kamalu. We all stayed as paying guests during our graduation times and Kamalu was the first one to talk to me. I was put in her room but thankfully there was this motherly caring girl in our room (third person other than me and Kamalu) who protected me from Kamalu’s loud and lively antics. Kamalu was this larger than life personality, had a very loud tone, (OH yeah you can hear her loud and vivid from any where and everywhere) was passionate about friends and lived life to the full. I felt totally intimidated about her because there I was a confused, dreamy, unrealistic, gone case selfish brat and there she was matured , level headed , spiritually elevated, firm minded who even at that young age knew what mattered the most in life and was never confused or vulnerable about herself. She never had any inner conflicts and everything was simple and clear to her in solid words. She was firm and strong and above all had a heart full of joy and immense love which always drew people towards her like a honey bee. She was the star among the juniors and seniors of our college and hostel mates.

A true woman of substance. I felt like I was meeting Melanie from the book Gone with the wind (OK apart from Kamalu being loud and noisy everything else fits). If you are in her good books then you are saved otherwise no matter how much ever you try you can never enter into that firm precious heart of hers. You need some kind of a special covalently bonded grey matter to enter in her good books. Once you are there you are safe and secure for life. She has protected me from every negative bit of the outside world who was ready to pounce on me during my rough patches. And am sure she has made a difference to many others too.

I guess I was blessed to experience the very divine idealogy of soul mate. How much ever we live in denial and isolation. I guess we three are connected forever and will always be though each of us have nested in our own cozy corner and is playing our part to keep on going forward. Though miles apart I feel I can still reach out to both of them and nobody can ever take their place. I still feel sometimes that we three are in the same place laughing and talking and teasing eachother pouring our heart to eachother. Lot of people have tried to define and assume and interpret different things about us telling us what the right ending should have been. But i know in my heart that they knew me well and would always stand up for me and would never be negative about me. That is all that matters. The tears shed are our ours and ours only. It will always be there for us to relish and feel the sweet pain. Time will prove our closeness maybe.

Long live true bonds….. Happy married life Kamalu. You are treasured forever.
This is dedicated to Melanie and Rhett from Scarlett.

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