**The inevitable them

“Them…The inevitable them” . When I heard that sentence it struck me deeply and I slipped into a deep trench of thoughts filled with all those moments and memories which revolved around “The inevitable them” s in our lives.

I was watching this movie called Elizabethtown and there was this pretty teenage heroine who makes that trivial statement. It sounded like any other dialogue but then isn’t there more to it? I kept pondering. It was not the plot or the movie or the fancy heroine which struck me but the sentence. I reckon there is so much to ponder on that simple sentence that solved quite a lot of mysteries for me. I am sure many of you might have thought about this again again during your solitary introspection. Who are these inevitable them? Why do we have to listen to them always? Why do we have to tune our lives and minds to them? It’s everything other than your inner self which is them. Well it’s like Pink Floyds famous song…Us and Them… There is always this UUUU and then THEM. If you live for them, if you tune yourselves for them, life would end up empty at the other end. It is your journey and you get only once chance to live in this beautiful heaven. Do your bit well and everything will fall into place. People spent so much time and effort to fit into what “them” want and expect you to be. All I can think of now (maybe I do not know much about life yet) is that go deep down into yourselves the key to happiness is there. You own the key. It’s a path which you chose but the choice is yours. Find your treasure of happiness, open that rosy treasure box and tune your minds and lives to that. There might be umpteen ways and paths to tune ourselves to achieve that but once you do that I reckon Life is beautiful and simple. Let me tell you few things which I found in my treasure box…I still have many many to explore and reason…..But here are few simple things which made my life beautiful and happy…

  1. Family… their smile… their warmth …
  2. The Rain….the sunshine…the wind which whisper stories in your ears
  3. A walk by the beach…looking for foot prints and wondering whose they are…
  4. The sun and the moon…which makes you ponder about the day. A new day! What is there for me?? When the day ends…you reflect and thank for another day on this beautiful earth.
  5. The river and the ripples which glow in the sunshine

And above all. MEMORIES….Nostalgic memories which bring a tear of joy in your eyes. It can be a song…or a letter or a thought or anything that reminds you of the memories of good times where you laughed and cried and shared and learned. After a certain point in your life you live for what you have lived till now. For memories which melts down like a stream of water and shows you the path ahead. The key to happiness is also in our past. buried somewhere in a pile of memories. Find your treasure and live for your self. It is not a selfish thought. It does not prevent you from loving or caring. It is all about finding our inner self and moving on with strength and a happy smile on your face. Life is beautiful and very very simple if we keep it simple and untouched.

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