**From Poombatta to Misha to Disney..


Every one of you might have chased a butterfly atleast once in your childhood. I have this superstition that whenever i see a small white butterfly fluttering near me there is some message for me from nature/life and strangely it has always been the case(would not say all the decisions were positive but they were what kept life moving and happening…Choices and decisions). I have always got some answers or directions at those point of times. Maybe the answer was already there. But it is just my mind playing games and talking to me through a little white butterfly unconciously i presume. But it is a little fantasy of my mind which i treasure to this very moment. It is the same with “Vellila“(white leaf of a plant which you see in Kerala a lot -Scientific name is Mussaenda glabrata – Paper chase tree) As a little kid I fantasised that Vellilla represented my soul and everytime i saw it anywhere in our village i used to tell my cousins(partners in crime) that it is me. I still feel emotions gushing out of my heart when i see those serene white leaves on the roads back home . I feel am home…i feel my soul is back home…floating like a white butterfly knowing that am secure and am home and away from all the pain and worries. Yes so coming back to poombatta(Butterfly) it was this childhood magazine which took a lot of my time and thoughts and i climbed the baby steps towards serious reading through my little friend poombatta. It had stories which continued in every edition which made you wait and look forward for the next edition anxiously with hope and inquisition. It was like a festival for us when it came and my dad had a very nice way of presenting it to us. I would pounce on it and would hold it tight till i read every word of it abd would be spent my next two weeks acting and dreaming and role playing those stories in my lonely solitude where i became a princess or a frog or a bird or even Kapeesh(super hero monkey). My childish heart danced to those rhymes they had. People of my age who had read those little books will understand me very well i presume. I fee empty when i realize that i can never read anything like that with that much tranquility and innocence as i have passed my golden childhood and am left with only memories to relish. If i could go back and live it again….Hail Poombatta!


Victor Chizhikov’s very own creation. We all know him well as a little cute bear cub, the mascot of Olymbics which captured millions of little hearts as well as adults. Misha symbolises the energy super power of the world The Russian Federation’s heritage and glory. Misha to me is my favorite childhood magazine which still floods me with a bunch of childhood nostalgic memories. It had the charming magic like what we Keralites(Malayalis) call of “Muthasshi kathakal“(Grandma stories). The book had a cute bear cub as its logo and the moment you see him you fell head over heels for him. We knew it came all the way from Soviet Russia and as a kid you admire the country as a land of fairy tales and animal kingdoms where everything was meant for children. Hence the Russian kids occupied our minds in a mysterious way. There were many other translated Soviet classics in my Dad’s precious book collection. I reckon we should applaud Soveit literature for its vivid and intellectual ways of touching people of all ages right from childrens books to modern theological and political books. I sit and reminisce those moments and thank Misha for being such a wonderful part of my childhood, my dreams and fantasies. Three cheers for Misha.


Walt Disney

We were introduced to Walt Disney books right from our nappy times by our Dad and the best part of it was that Dad read and acted that for us in a very fun manner. There were those Dad-daughter Kodak moments where we would burst out into laughter and admire Ache for being a super hero who knew how to read WALT DISNEY!!. We fell in love with Donald and Mickey and Pluto and Goofy and Minnie and Daisy ..the list goes on. My baby sister even started gargling(every morning) imitating a rooster in one of the cartoon movie edition. For you information she does that even now and she is in her 20s. Somethings never change. My little cousin brother started laughing like Goofy and he even thought it was cool for many many years. We would sit in silence relishing our “cartoon movie watching time quota” with every inch of our heart and soul. I would say Disney is a legend who created such a vivid empire for children all over the world and untied them with a magical sense of humour and innocence. We still have the VHS tapes of those movies and series and i hope the generations to come will relish them the same way we did and rejoice and unite and create a serene world of laughter and warmth which only a child’s innocence can create. A standing ovation for Disney.

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