**The spartans of Chippi

This time when I went home I was reading my old diaries(I always called her Nimmu) ..everything flashed back at me…good/bad ole days…my insecurities as a teenager..my idiocracies…my crush(s) (the list is long) heartbreaks. confusions…melodramas ..tantrums..etc etc. Amma always said I was a lamb when I was a baby..never had any issues or vaashis(tantrums). But as I grew older and older I started becoming weird and rebellious and did everything(ok ok not everything)which they didn’t want me to do. I became a pain in the ass for Atticus and amma as a teenager. And well yes Nimmu had heard a handful of satanic thoughts about everything around me when I was this teenage weirdo who was confused and woke up in the middle of the night with fear and anger and penned all my thoughts down into my diary. I guess I had my own way of dealing with my inner self. I did. I made mistakes, I fell, I broke, I cried, I sinned, I questioned, but to my bewilderment, I got over lot of my weirdo qualities which I never thought I would ever. With a lot of soul searching and a lot of contemplation I think I am on track. I do not claim I am a saint…but yes…I found my answers…my purpose…and my destiny…I do not hate my life. I am no more confused. I appreciate life in a much better way…and I laugh with my whole heart…I do not pretend or act no more. I am much stronger. And life goes on with lot of hope for the future. These are the few of my thought intercepts re-edited from my old diary about ”The Spartans of Chippi”…You might find them as a bunch of banalities but this is where life started for me and its going on strong coz of them.!! I decided to start my blog by writing about them.(of course I have deleted all the Satanic parts. and i’ll tell you those parts are funny . really funny but i will not dig my own grave by posting those anyway…) I want to share few words about these beautiful people of my life. ************************************************************************
Vaava Kooova(We named her Koova after my aunt asked her once..”Vaave ninakk Koova veno?”(in English: Vaava do u want Koova(a vegetable)? and we felt that was really Kewl..and she was baptized as Koova to her misfortune Ha Ha). Vava koova is a mystery, the ultimate Guru of life. When I was 3 and half years old I remember her coming to this world with a twisted nose(yes she did have a funny nose then…I think she crushed her nose against the walls in ammas womb and came out with a funny state of nose) and becoming my little partner in all my crimes. People ask me whether I was jealous when she was born. I was never and amma always defends my stand. It was like a new doll which came out of ammas womb and she was my most favorite doll. My precious little angel. A very serene person right from her age one. When I say she is a saint I mean it. She always thought beyond anything for every body around her. She was on earth always unlike me and always gave me wisdom. When she was a little kid she would share all her toys always with everyone and gave me the best of the two,(whatever it was …toy or sweets or dress or pencil box or anything that amuses kids) found happiness in my happiness , helped me overcome many of my insecurities. The list goes on and on. She was Atticus’s and amma’s sunshine and my guardian angel. We both studied in the same school and whenever you meet any teacher in school you become taller and taller hearing all those nice things they have to say about vaava( Well I know many of the budhi jeevikal who might read this article might think that being in teacher’s good books is all a pretense. Nope that is NOT the case here). Every person who came to know her would tell us the same. We became proud parents and felt high and happy always whenever we talked about vaava. I used to be very protective about her when I was in school and even threatened/wrote hateful letters to kids who bullied her in her class. God I hope I never meet those kids ever. Ha Ha. Even now she understands me from miles away, reads me like a book and showers her wisdom in every crisis I face in my life. Everything that I write about her might look like a cliché but if she has ever touched your life you will agree to the fact that how wonderful and gifted person she is. The right word to describe her would be that she is a spiritually elevated person right from the day she was born. An angel from heaven :). (She will kill me for posting this, she thinks I sound pompous when I talk about her.) ************************************************************************
Here you go Atticus!(I read this book To kill a mocking bird long back and the character named Atticus reminded me so much about Atticus my dad and hence in my diaries i always addressed him as Atticus ..Psst psst he doesn’t know about that even now ). Atticus my friend and my guide and my role model..(Vava is very much like Atticus..lucky her!!). He was a kutti saghav as a kid fighting for equality and had lot of ”Dharmikarosham”(he still has that but in a controlled way I guess) who taught us life is beautiful that we should always fight for our beliefs that we should struggle for the best , that we should never let anyone exploit us , that we should be humble in our achievements, that we should always be connected to nature and society, that we should always remain untouched and sensitive. Yes we learned all those from him. He is our friend and we opened up about everything to Atticus and everything about life was made so crystal clear to us by him that you always won over your inner daemons with reason and wisdom. He has a penchant for knowledge and taught us that knowledge gives you wisdom. He married my Gundu amma(Gundu = Chubby) his childhood sweetheart(ok the story goes like this…they are like this ultimate novel kind of romantic couple…who played together as kids…went to same school(fought a lot for first rank)..then college..then medical college…and then one fine day ended up realizing that they were in love …and finally married and settled as love birds for ever Haha). When she left home to do her dream studies (Masters in surgery in Ophthalmology) I remember Atticus was so lonely and lost and he told us one day how much he missed amma and we told him how much we missed her too. Myself, Atticus, amma and vaava are like friends and that made our lives so simple and secure when we were growing up. We grew up hearing all those childhood stories about Atticus and amma about how Atticus spent days writing notes for amma..the games they played together..The combined studies..the dreams they shared..etc etc. When we finally moved to our own house in 1989(it was like a dream come true for Atticus and amma..lot of hardwork and sleepless nights)we had a round table conference to brainstorm and find a name for our home. We thought and thought..and finally Atticus came up with a name..”CHIPPI” Eureka ladies ”Chippiiii!!!!We did not have a clue why it should be CHIPPI!!! Of all the names CHIPPI??..i told him it sounded like Cheppi(ear wax) YUKKK!! And here it came the heartfelt explanation. ”Chippi is a small shell in the sea right? So we are the 4 pearls inside this chippi..precious and beautiful and spreading light!!”There was silence..!! God it felt very cozy and sentimental from that point onwards and we felt very much home in our cozy house. Many make fun of that name even now. But hey it has a wonderful theme attached to it…A warm and heartfelt ideology…from a wonderful person…That is my Atticus folks!! ************************************************************************
Gundu Amma.. Amma is like Atticus’s eldest daughter 🙂 but at the same time is Atticus’s soulmate and confident and his Best friend. They have known each other when they were in their nappies I would have thought. And yes she has this cute stubborn bubbly persona that makes you like her more and more. She is very lively and full of energy even now and is still a girl at heart. Amma had been Atticus’s support all through his life and she finds Atticus as the only solid thing in this world and she clings on to him for everything(whether its her career or managing me and vaava or her responsibilities to the family).It is very true when people say that you become ONE soul in two bodies when you are in LOVE. They both reflect that in everyway. Amma’s existence right from her childhood had Atticus’s shoulders always. She is very independent and successful as a person but spiritually she is Atticus’s other half and it is literally true. Like Shiv-Shakti. She cries and laughs and fights like a teenager and brings lot of fun and sound to our lives. I love her energy and her way of living life to the full. She will not waste even a second in her life without doing something useful. :). Amma is like an elder sister to vaava and myself and she brings us back to earth making us normal people…who cry and laugh and play and live life to the full. She finds happiness in everything she does(or rather does everything which makes her happy which inturn keeps others lively) ..even if it is a long walk or a nice swim in ambalakulam or being lost in a nice song..still a very romantic person at heart. I would love to be like Amma…a wonderful Mom … a wonderful wife..and a wonderful daughter.. ************************************************************************************
And then there is me…Adios my friends!! ************************************************************************************

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    I envy you. I feel scared to some close to you. I hope, one day will come when I would be able to explain what I meant!


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