**Monte Carlo Casino!

In search of peace I made my way arduously…

Walking by the seashore,
Ocean is at peace, but not me
Herself and the sky married in harmony
Her breeze singing songs of burning love at the horizon
Desolate shell I was, I whispered to the dot in me.

Sitting in a dark cell,
Pondering the cause and dissecting the effect
Paranoia seems to ferment in my random thoughts
My heart dived into a pool of tears of wilderness
Life is indeterministic, I squalled at the lonely walls.

Standing in a casino,
Numbers profaned and dollars burnt into ashes
Vanity pounced like a lioness looking for her prey
Life gambled in chaos and its terrible flaws
A Monte Carlo experiment, I realized my life has become.

Music emerged from the desolate shell,
Paranoia and madness creeped into our veins,
Gambling away our lives to be touched by time,
Finally am at peace without tranquillity…!

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