Lemma to bloging

Pachu the Princess (Fifi )
The fact was, however, that she was always dreaming and thinking odd things and could not herself remember any time when she had not been thinking things about grown-up people and the world they belonged to. She felt as if she had lived a long, long time.
– A little princess(Chapter 1)

Bachu the Prince(Pluto)
“If some one loves a flower, of which just one single blossom grows in all the millions and millions of stars, it is enough to make him happy just to look at the stars. He can say to himself, ‘Somewhere, my flower is there…’ But if the sheep eats the flower, in one moment all his stars will be darkened…
– The little Prince(Chapter 7)

My journal and scribbling with truck loads of grammar mistakes and broken sentences have been private all these years and they had my heart and mind poured out. I once showed my journal to two of my near ones many years ago (Lets say Melanie Hamilton and Rhett Butler!! Identity protected for my personal safety and good health :D) but then I don’t think that was ever necessary because for them I am like an open book. They read me like a book when I am a weird vulnerable brat. But for the rest I appear to be an open book but on the contrary am not I am afraid.

There are loads of closed doors inside me which needs a key and fresh sunlight. More than that i have an audience though its virtual and not real. Just my predicament i think to be loud and heard. I was born once and here I am in between birth and death walking the path which we call our life’s journey. I might die this very moment or maybe might live for another 100 years. People usually have different reasons for why they keep a blog .Some want to write and pen down their opinions or open up or release or melt down. Fair enough I presume. I just don’t get when people say I did it because my friends asked me to or because it’s something which I always wanted to do and to do something useful for the humanity which is losing its sanity yada yada. Lame and shallow I would have thought. I am preplexed by such claims. Let us not fool anyone shall we?

So why am I in this bloooog world then? It is as simple as a fact that you want to be heard loud and clear without anyone interrupting or intimidating you. Does that surprise you if I told you that it makes me feel good and happy to take control of my thoughts and words and compel at least a few here and there to hear it and gulp some of it in? It gives me a certain kind of identity isn’t?
There is nothing complicated or shallow in that as some inflated egoistic so called intellectuals say.

These are the only few honest reasons I could come up with. It is a way of creating your own ideal identity and blending with millions of people’s fascinating minds in this virtual blog world which is a wonderful concept and I feel defies many taboos and social barriers which we usually come across. If a stranger reads your blog and comes back to visit it again to read more junk then yes you have made your point.

1. Looking back at my life I see my history dotted and some point in your journey you start appreciating life and you feel good about life the way it is with all the intricacies and realizations. And then you think OK I need to pen down something and stop running from people around and make myself loud.

2. A way of redeeming myself. Oh yeah I am a sinner. I shall not try to explain this point any more. J

3. I have been silent for years for various reasons and I should not be silent any more.

It’s more a journal with loads of spelling mistakes and wrong grammar and broken sentences.

I am not a saint I have sinned and loved and made mistakes. I believe that I am bonded to certain people forever and they are the only people who matter people who loved you truly and never judged you casually. The rest are just onlookers who love to criticize and pull you down and likes to think that they have a say in your emotional battles. But it doesn’t matter to me anymore…All that matters is people who are inside your heart and everything I pen down is dedicated to them who made and make my life worth living.

So here I am folks trying to do justice to this great concept of blogging. Maybe after years the virtual universe of blogging will turn back and see my history dotted but gleaming with a silver lining. Till then let me walk through the mysteries and intricacies of my mind and the blooming world around.

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A mere weeping dot in the universe.

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